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Dr. Shoe:

Dr. Shoe will tell you all about: Wolky's Edge

Dr. Shoe - Wolky's shoe expert - tells you everything you need to know about Wolky shoes and she'll even give you some interesting tips and tricks!

Dr Shoe is here to tell you all about the surprisingly flexible and wonderfully comfortable yet rugged Midi, Shan and Arbol boots. 

Transcript of the Edge video

Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Shoe and today I’m going to tell you about the Edge line. This line consists of robust boots. This is the Midi and this is the Shan. There’s also the Arbol, which is a calf boot. Both the Midi and the Shan have a zip on the inside of the boot and laces. Once you have adjusted the laces to fit your foot, you only need to use the zip. Easy, right? The sole on these boots is sturdy and made of cushioning PU. If you feel that the heel is a bit too high for you, remember that the sole is quite thick. So the effective height is lower than you think.

Wolky's Edge


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