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Shoes for wide feet: Tips and tricks

Do you have wider feet than average? Finding suitable shoes can be quite a challenge. Most shoe brands primarily design for the average foot, leaving those with wide feet often disappointed. Luckily, there are several things you can do to find suitable shoes. From determining your width size to searching for specific models, there are plenty of options. For example, did you know that at Wolky, we specify the width guidance for each shoe? You can find this and much more in this blog! 

Wide feet

Common mistakes regarding shoes for wide feet

Mistake 1 | Buying a larger size

Many people with wide feet think they should buy shoes in a larger size. This is certainly not the solution! The issue with wide feet often lies in the width of the shoe itself: shoes are generally too narrow. Buying a size larger doesn’t solve the problem. In fact, it creates more problems. It’s simple logic: wearing a larger size than your foot length leaves extra space at the front and/or back. Your heel might slip (ouch!) or your feet may slide forward. Buying a size larger? No, that’s really not recommended for people with wide feet.

Mistake 2 | Thinking you can “break in” the shoes

You’ve probably experienced this before. You try on a pair of shoes in the store that are a bit too tight. But they’re so cute, you just have to take them home with you! Leather is a flexible material that molds to your foot, right? Keeping this in mind, you think you’ll break them in! However, that’s not how it works. The result? A very cute pair of shoes sitting unused in your closet because every step is painfully uncomfortable. Although leather shoes do conform somewhat to your foot, they won’t stretch enough to fit your wide feet comfortably. So, “breaking in” your shoes doesn’t work.

How to find the perfect shoes for wide feet

Tip 1 | Choose the right type of footwear

If you have wider feet, you don’t always have to resort to specialist shoes. When your feet are just slightly wider than average, there are tricks you can use to succeed in regular shoe stores. Here are three points to consider when buying shoes for wide feet:

  1. Opt for shoes with a round or square toe. These tend to be naturally wider, increasing the chances of a good fit. Pointed shoes are generally better left alone as they taper towards the toes, which isn’t comfortable for wider feet.
  2. Adjustable shoes are a good idea. Shoes with straps or laces allow you to adjust the width easily.
  3. Also, pay attention to the seams. In moccasin-style shoes, the seams lie on top of the shoe, providing more interior space.

Tip 2 | Discover your width size

You probably know the length size of your shoes (38, 39, 40, etc.). But did you know there are also width sizes for shoes? There’s a good chance you didn’t know this, as not all shoe brands use these sizes. However, knowing your width size is beneficial, especially if your feet are wider than average. Width sizes are expressed in letters. Generally, it goes like this:

  • F is for narrow feet
  • G is the average size
  • H is for average to wide feet
  • K is for wider feet
  • M is often used for very wide feet

You can calculate your width size by measuring the circumference of the ball of your feet. There are charts online that allow you to determine your width size from this measurement. If you prefer not to use a measuring tape yourself, you can have your width size measured at a shoe speciality store. 

Tip 3 | Just try it out, even if the shoe doesn’t have a width size

While choosing shoes in your own width size gives you the best chance of success, there are other tricks you can use to find good shoes. Especially if you’re a fan of a particular model or brand, it’s worth trying them out—even if the shoe doesn’t come in different width sizes. Remember, it’s really important that your shoes fit well. So, don’t settle for shoes that are slightly too tight, as this can cause foot problems. As mentioned, you won’t “break in” these shoes (unfortunately).

Tip 4 | Wide feet? Opt for lace-up shoes!

One of the best tips for wide feet is to choose shoes that can be adjusted with laces. Shoes with some flexibility are ideal for wider feet. Lace-up shoes are a good choice because you can easily loosen them. Sneakers, lace-up boots, or other shoes with laces are more comfortable for wide feet than, for example, tight cowboy boots or pumps.

Tip 5 | Choose shoes with adjustable straps

Shoes with adjustable straps are also handy for wide feet. Sandals with Velcro or buckled straps can be adjusted for width. Just make sure your feet aren’t hanging over the edges of the footbed. If they are, it’s better to keep looking to avoid blisters (or worse). Shop our sandals here. 

Tip 6 | Stretchy material is your best friend

Wide feet also appreciate shoes made from stretchy material. That means, fabric that’s elastic and molds to the shape of your foot. Take a look at Wolky’s Fit2Feet collection, for example. This collection features shoes made from stretchy material that perfectly molds to your (wide) feet. Shoes made with 3D knitting techniques are also wonderfully stretchy. The sporty Kalona sneaker is made this way and molds perfectly to your feet. Ideal!

Tip 7 | Wide feet? Rounded toes!

The final tip for wide feet is to choose shoes with rounded toes. In addition to adjustability and elasticity, the shape of the shoe can make a big difference. Do you have wide feet? Then it’s better to avoid shoes with pointed toes. These shoes taper towards the toes, which can be uncomfortable for wider feet. It’s better to opt for shoes with a round or even slightly square toe. These provide more room for your toes, which is a relief for your feet.

Our tip: Many of our shoes include fitting advice in the description. We also indicate whether the shoe is suitable for wider feet. You’ll often find that we recommend shoes with a round toe (like the Roll Slipper, Truth HV, Nomad, Why, Roll Moc, and Jewel) as more suitable for wider or fuller feet! Check them out in the carousel below. PS: Click on a shoe, and you’ll go straight to all the colours of that model!

Shoes with rounded toes

Shoes with rounded toes offer some extra space on the front part of your feet. 

What factors affect the width of shoes?

There are several characteristics of shoes for wide feet that contribute to their width. Here are a few explanations:

  • Shape of the last: A shoe with a pointed toe is narrower than one with a round or square toe shape.
  • Type of upper material: The material on the upper part of the shoe should stretch slightly with your feet. Stiff materials are not recommended!
  • Type of closure: With laces, buckles, or Velcro, you can adjust your shoes to fit better. Choose shoes with laces that extend further towards the toe. This allows you to adjust a larger part of your shoe.

Wolky shoes for wide feet?

Wolky shoes are a great choice for wide feet. Our shoes are generally wider than average, providing a bit more room which is comfortable for wider feet. You’ll also find detailed product information on our website about the fit. We give you the estimated width size of each shoe, making it easy to find a good pair for you. How do you get there? Visit our website and click on a shoe you like. Scroll until you see the ‘product description’ heading. There’s a brief text followed by a list of various advantages of the shoe. The first bullet point usually says something about the fit. Perfect, right? 

Wolky shoes with extra space

We have a wide selection of wide fit shoes. Check them all out?

Shoes for wide feet: special collection from Wolky

Need a bit more room? Take a look at Wolky’s XW collection. XW stands for Extra Wide. Here too, you can use the filter to find your ideal shoes. And don’t worry, the selection is extensive! At Wolky, we see it as a challenge to create shoes suitable for every type of foot, including wider feet. We have a huge collection to choose from, whether you’re looking for sneakers, sandals, ankle boots, or pumps. So take a look soon for your next pair of comfortable shoes! 

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