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Shoes for flat feet

Wolky offers special shoes for flat feet in its collection. With our years of experience in comfort shoes for various foot problems, we know what features to look for when buying new shoes for flat feet. Well-supportive shoes are a possible solution for flat feet. They help keep your feet in the correct position. The width of the shoe and the thickness of the sole are also important factors. In the production of our shoes, we pay extra attention to these aspects.

Wolky shoes for flat feet

What can shoes do for flat feet?

With flat feet, the arch of the foot is insufficiently supported, causing the foot to roll inward.

To alleviate the pain of flat feet, wearing good shoes is important. The shoes on this page are specially designed to provide the feet with the right support where needed, namely under the arch of the foot. The footbed ensures that pressure is evenly distributed across the foot. This can help improve comfort while walking.

Choose good shoes

Ill-fitting footwear can worsen the symptoms of flat feet. Think of issues such as overpronation (the inward rolling of the foot during walking), ankle and knee pain, and even back problems. It is therefore important to choose good shoes for flat feet in a timely manner. This way, you can nip serious problems in the bud.

Arch support insoles for flat feet

Arch support insoles are a handy tool for people with flat feet. They provide extra support under the arch of the foot. Do you wear your own arch support insoles in your shoes? That’s great! Almost all of Wolky’s shoes have a removable footbed. This allows you to easily replace the Wolky footbed with your own arch support insole. You can easily adjust the support to the needs of your feet.

Wolky's mission: enjoy walking every day

As women, we’ve all experienced it: how bad shoes can ruin our entire day. It doesn’t have to be that way! That’s why at Wolky, we take your walking pleasure seriously. Our passion is to create quality shoes that combine a perfect fit with timeless design and optimal comfort. They must also provide support because besides being comfortable, shoes should also support your feet. We strive to make shoes that you only realize you’re still wearing at the end of the day when you go to bed.

Discovering Wolkys? We make it as easy as possible for you

For over 40 years, we’ve been providing women with comfortable, supportive shoes designed for walking. And we’re proud of it. We’d love to help you find well-fitting shoes too. Experience quickly what Wolky can do for you or contact us and we’ll assist you personally!

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