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Wolky's specials

Wolky shoes are made with great care. We take your comfort seriously and it shows in every detail. We want our shoes to be a perfect fit for your feet, giving you maximum comfort all day long.

a little extra attention

Wolky makes shoes for everyone. Because we want everyone to have super-comfortable shoes they can wear all day long. Some feet need just a little extra attention, and Wolky has countless ways of giving them the care they need. For example, we offer shoes for bunions, extra-wide styles, shoes with chrome-free linings and waterproof shoes. Let us tell you all about our shoes and what we have to offer.


What makes our shoes for bunions (hallux valgus) special is the extra room at the big toe joint. This gives your foot more freedom and prevents pinching while providing the right support at all other points. A breath of fresh air for anyone struggling with bunions!

You can recognise our shoes for bunions by the letters ‘HV’ after the name.


Many women have painful bumps at the base of their big toes, or even bunions. Our Fit2Feet shoes are made of stretchable material, so they stretch where you need them to. The difference between bunion shoes and our Fit2Feet models is that bunion shoes have more room across the forefoot while Fit2Feet shoes stretch at that spot. So you’ll find Fit2Feet shoes in the form of court shoes, pumps and ballet flats. 

You can recognize our Fit2Feet shoes by the letters ‘F2F’ after the name.


Many diabetics struggle with sensitive feet. This can make a rough edge or an irritating stitched seam on the inside of the shoe extremely unpleasant. To solve this, Wolky has produced a collection of shoes specially designed for diabetics. These shoes have a seamless vamp so you won’t feel any uncomfortable edges or seams. They also have a special soft, chrome-free microfibre lining, and there’s an extra layer of foam between the lining and the upper material. In short, we’ve done everything we can to make the shoes as soft and comfortable as possible while at the same time supporting your feet as you walk. Ideal for anyone with sensitive feet!

You can recognise our diabetic shoes by the letters ‘DB’ after the name.

extra width

Every foot is unique. That’s a challenge Wolky recognises. Maybe your feet need just that little bit more space? Don’t worry – we've thought of a solution. Every season Wolky adds a number of styles to the collection that have more space around the instep than the regular style. These shoes are not made on a wide last but are simply roomier. A godsend for fuller feet!

You’ll recognise them by the letters 'XW' after the name of the shoe. XW stands for EXTRA WIDE.


Our vegan line is the answer for anyone who doesn’t want to wear shoes made with animal products. For this vegan collection we use the very latest materials, so our vegan shoes have the same excellent properties as our leather shoes, such as breathability.

You can recognise our vegan shoes by the word ‘Vegan’ after the name and the green logo on the footbed.

waterproof shoes

You want your feet to be warm and dry in winter. And that’s why every Wolky winter collection features a number of waterproof styles. Their stitched seams are sealed to keep moisture out, and they have a special membrane between the lining and the upper leather that is watertight from the outside in while allowing perspiration to escape.

In our waterproof range we use a high-quality lining that feels wonderfully warm. You’ll recognise these shoes by the letters WP (waterproof) after the name.

extra warm lining

A good lining improves the fit of a shoe and prolongs its life. If your feet can use some extra warmth, look for shoes in the Wolky collection that have an extra warm lining. It’s made of a high-quality, soft material that keeps your feet snug and warm and wicks away perspiration. The linings are wear-resistant and quick-drying and are soft and cushioning for extra comfort.

You’ll recognise the shoes by the letters CW after the name. CW stands for COLD WINTER.

Chrome-free lining

At Wolky we aim to produce our shoes in a way that is as kind to the environment as possible. A big step in this direction is the use of recycled rubber for our soles. We also use chrome-free leather for our linings in some of our range. That’s great news for people with a chrome allergy: you can wear these Wolky shoes with no problems.

Wolky’s footbeds

The stand-out feature of our shoes is undoubtedly the comfortable footbed. Our footbeds are made with an extra layer of memory foam, so they mould themselves to the foot. They are anatomically shaped and designed to spread the weight evenly. They are also shock-absorbing and made of top quality materials enclosed in leather. And last but not least, almost all our footbeds are removable.

What does the inside of a Wolky shoe look like?

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