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Fit 2 Feet method: Shoes that adapt to the shape of your feet

Have you ever thought about the shape of your shoes? At Wolky, we have. The shape of shoes differs from the shape of feet. Poor shoes lead to foot problems. Short-term foot problems include calluses and blisters. Hallux valgus is a long-term foot problem. Fit 2 Feet shoes solves this issue. The Fit 2 Feet method ensures that your shoes stretch with your feet. Elegant shoes that perfectly fit the shape of your foot are the result!

Fit 2 feet method

Fit 2 Feet shoes are suitable for women with foot problems

We see women facing foot problems every day at Wolky. Quite often, women wear heels at work. Even though this can lead to foot issues, women continue wearing heels. That’s why we developed stretchy pumps with the Fit 2 Feet method. Fit 2 Feet shoes provide the solution. Many women in the corporate sector wear Wolky’s Fit 2 Feet pumps daily. They are very grateful for the comfort these pumps provide them. The Fit 2 Feet method has been very well received! That’s why we are increasingly applying the technique to other types of shoes now.

Our Fit 2 Feet shoes help prevent foot problems. 

What is the Fit 2 Feet method?

The Fit 2 Feet method is a patented method by Wolky. The method operates on a 3-layer principle. This means Fit 2 Feet shoes consist of three types of materials, including stretch and regular leather. In the middle layer, we’ve created a cut-out. This allows the shoe to stretch where needed, while the rest of the shoe maintains its shape. With the Fit 2 Feet method, the shoe stretches only where necessary, maintaining a normal appearance elsewhere. Comfortable and elegant!

Wolky's fit 2 feet

These Wolky shoes are made of soft and elastic materials. 

Which foot problems do fit 2 feet shoes help with?

Fit 2 Feet shoes are suitable if your regular shoes often feel tight or pinch. For example, due to a bunion on the outside of your big toe (also known as hallux valgus). Or if your feet are wider than average. Thanks to the extra stretch in Fit 2 Feet shoes, your feet get the space they need.

Read more about hallux valgus in this blog. 

The Fit 2 Feet method differs from other hallux valgus shoes by Wolky

At Wolky, our priority is creating comfortable, fashionable women’s shoes. We are constantly developing methods to assist with common foot problems. Hallux valgus (or bunions) is a foot issue frequently seen in women. The misalignment of the big toe causes it. The toe leads to a bump on the outside of the foot, which can cause pain. The stretchy Fit 2 Feet shoes are suitable for this condition, providing the feet space exactly where needed! In addition to Fit 2 Feet shoes, Wolky developed a special line of hallux valgus shoes. You can identify these shoes by the letters HV. These HV models offer extra space around the bunion. They are made of soft and elastic materials. The shape of the shoe adjusts when you put it on. So, two different techniques, both highly suitable for the same problem!

Read our blog with hallux valgus tips for more information.

More F2F-shoes

These Wolky shoes stretch at the bunion on your foot. 

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