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Help! I have bunions

Let’s start by answering the most frequently asked question; Hallux Valgus (or bunions), what is that anyway? Hallux valgus is the most common foot deformity. People who suffer from hallux valgus have a deviation of the big toe. The big toe is crooked and usually bends towards the second toe, creating a lump on the side of the foot. This lump (also called a “knuckle” or “bunion”) can become red and swollen and cause a lot of pain. Stabbing pain and discomfort may arise when wearing shoes. Luckily, Wolky has a collection of shoes with extra room, made especially for people with hallux valgus. But first: how does Hallux Valgus actually come about?


How does Hallux Valgus occur?

Hallux valgus is caused by an incorrect position of our foot joints. This can be genetically determined, but the biggest culprit is often wearing shoes that are too flat, too narrow, and too high. This is also the reason that hallux valgus is more common in women than in men. Fortunately, there are plenty of things to combat hallux valgus and reduce the pain.

How to prevent getting Hallux Valgus

Studies suggest that hallux valgus tend to be related to joint deformities with a genetic cause. This means Hallux valgus can be genetically determined, so you can’t always prevent it. However, there are things you can do to ensure that hallux valgus does not develop further. You can do this, by wearing shoes with a wide nose, which are not too tight. In fact, all Wolky shoes are suitable for this! Wolky doesn’t make pointy shoes and always ensures that your feet have enough space. When wearing well-fitting shoes, preferably with a round, wide nose, your toes have enough room to stretch out whilst walking and therefore cause less friction.

Insoles can also come in handy. Insoles relieve pain and ensure that your feet adapt to the correct position. However, don’t try to put insoles in shoes that offer too little space in the front, because then it’ll have no effect.

Shoes for bunions

Wolky now features a range of styles designed specifically for people with bunions (hallux valgus)

How do i get rid of Hallux Valgus?

There are several things you can do to reduce the pain when having Hallux valgus. First of all, it’s important to wear well-fitting shoes with possibly an insole of quality material. The hallux valgus shoes from Wolky are perfect for those who have hallux valgus. They offer extra space around the base of the big toe. This prevents (extra) pinching. These shoes also prevent you from walking differently to try and reduce pain; something that can have serious consequences for your posture and therefore also for other parts of your body. In other words: with Wolky’s shoes for hallux valgus, walking becomes easier. You can recognize these shoes by the letters HV after the shoe name.

Is there anything else I can do?

Toe spreaders can also be effective! They straighten the toes and help relieve pressure. This reduces pain and provides more comfort.

Massaging the foot is also very important. We use them every day and usually forget to take proper care of them. If you have hallux valgus, it’s extra important to give your feet sufficient attention and to massage them regularly with a nourishing cream. A massage can relieve pain and reduce swelling. In case of severe pain, we recommend contacting a doctor or a podiatrist.

more shoes for bunions

What makes these bunion-friendly shoes special is the extra room at the big toe joint. 

All of our hallux valgus tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes that provide enough space around the nose. Take a look at Wolky’s HV-collectie.
  • Place insoles in shoes that offer enough room in the front. This provides extra comfort.
  • Use splints and toe spreaders for pain relief.
  • Massage your feet daily to relieve pain and reduce swelling.
  • If necessary, make an appointment with your GP or podiatrist and get medical advice.

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