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Shoes for neuropathy

Neuropathy can cause numbness in various parts of the body, including the feet. Choosing suitable shoes is important to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injuries. What are appropriate shoes for neuropathic feet? We explain that in this blog!

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What is neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves. Nerves play a crucial role in transmitting signals between the body and the brain. It is important to take neuropathy seriously as it can have long-term consequences for the quality of life. In this blog, we briefly inform you about neuropathy, focusing on the importance of suitable footwear. If you seek more information on this topic, we recommend reaching out to a medical expert.


Neuropathy can affect any type of nerve, resulting in a wide range of symptoms. Sensory neuropathy often causes numbness, tingling, pain, or a burning sensation in the affected body parts. This can develop gradually, with sensations intensifying over time. Numbness, tingling, or pain is commonly experienced in the hands or feet. Neuropathic pain is a common symptom and can range from mild to severe, manifesting as sharp, stabbing, burning, or throbbing sensations. Individuals with neuropathy may also experience difficulties coordinating movements and maintaining balance when motor nerves are affected. This is because muscles weaken as nerves are damaged, leading to challenges in performing daily activities. Additionally, nerve damage can influence blood pressure, heart rate, and digestion.

Diabetes shoes

A hard edge or annoying stitching on the inside of the shoe can exasperate any sensitivity.


Neuropathy can have various causes. Treatments for neuropathy focus on managing symptoms and often also address modifying the underlying cause, if possible. A common cause of neuropathy is diabetes, where prolonged elevated blood sugar levels can damage nerves, especially in the legs and feet. Infections such as HIV/AIDS and Lyme disease can also lead to neuropathy. Some forms of neuropathy are hereditary, passed from parent to child. Additionally, trauma or injury can eventually result in neuropathy. For example, nerve damage from a car accident or sports injury can eventually lead to neuropathy. Other, less known, causes of neuropathy include alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, medications, and kidney diseases.

Neuropathy in the feet

In neuropathy in the feet, the nerves that control the feet are damaged. As a result, signals between the feet and the brain are not transmitted effectively. Muscle weakness, balance issues, and coordination problems can increase the risk of falls. Simple actions like walking, wearing shoes, and sensing temperature become challenging for individuals with neuropathic feet.

Cold feet are a common symptom of neuropathy. The nerves responsible for regulating blood flow and temperature in the feet are damaged, impairing their proper function. These damaged nerves fail to transmit the correct signals, leading to reduced blood circulation to the feet. Consequently, individuals with neuropathy experience consistently cold feet, even in warm temperatures.

More diabetic shoes

These shoes have a seamless upper so you don’t feel annoying edges or seams. In addition, they have a special soft microfiber lining that is chrome-free.

Which shoes for neuropathy?

Choosing suitable shoes is crucial for people with neuropathy, as this condition often involves sensitivity, pain, and reduced sensations in the feet. Wearing the right shoes can increase comfort, reduce the risk of wounds and injuries, and promote overall foot health.

When it comes to shoes for neuropathy, it’s important to pay attention to various features of the footwear.

  1. Fit: Shoes should fit well to avoid pressure points and provide adequate cushioning. Footwear designed for neuropathic feet with a wide fit reduces pressure and prevents friction.

  2. Soft Materials: Shoes made from soft materials like leather or fabric adapt well to the shape of your foot.

  3. Seamless Construction: A seamless lining inside the shoe reduces the chance of friction and irritation, crucial for preventing wounds.

  4. Good Insole: Look for shoes with a supportive insole that provides adequate support, improving stability and evenly distributing pressure across the foot.

Wolky offers a special collection of diabetes shoes. These shoes are seamless and made from a soft, chrome-free lining. They are soft, comfortable, and supportive for your feet. Ideal! Take a quick look at the diabetes collection


There are special neuropathy socks designed to alleviate symptoms associated with neuropathy in the feet. These socks for neuropathy are crafted from soft materials and feature seamless construction to minimize friction and irritation. They are highly suitable and extremely comfortable for individuals with sensitive feet. Some socks are even designed with special compression technologies that can enhance blood flow and reduce potential swelling. Additionally, these socks provide extra cushioning and support, beneficial for muscle weakness in the feet.

While exercises for neuropathic feet don’t cure the condition, regular foot exercises can contribute to improving mobility, promoting blood circulation, and increasing muscle strength. When designing exercises for neuropathic feet, consider individual symptoms and consult a physician to develop a tailored exercise program. Some beneficial exercises for neuropathic feet include balance exercises, pool exercises, and stretching exercises. Simple balance exercises can help enhance stability, reducing the risk of falls. Exercising in water, such as in a pool, reduces joint impact and provides resistance for muscle strengthening. Stretching exercises are recommended to improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension.

If you suspect you have neuropathy or seek more information on this topic, we recommend contacting a medical professional.


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Shoes for neuropathy

Neuropathy can cause numbness in various parts of the body, including the feet. Choosing suitable shoes is important to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injuries. What are appropriate shoes for neuropathic feet? We explain that in this blog!

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