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Have you been known to suffer from that Blue-Monday feeling? Then please read these tips. Also completely suitable for any other day on which you may be experiencing the ‘blues’! 😉

Blue monday

Blue Monday blues

Blue Monday, where does this terminology actually derive from? It was named ‘blue Monday’ by a British psychologist Cliff Arnall. In 2005, he set claim to this feeling which, he said he had a scientifically sound formula showing that the Monday of the penultimate full week in January is the day when most people feel sad, dejected or wistful. This was because carrying out New Year’s resolutions may have failed and that the prospect of a holiday seems so far away. As well as the days being long and dark and the fact that a Monday is the first working day of the week for many.

Arnall was showered with criticism in academic circles, but despite this, many major newspapers and other media devote uncritical attention to this yearly phenomenon. And not just the media. Commerce too showed signs of Blue Monday.


Nowadays, Blue Monday is rewarded with a day of many offers, yet these do not necessarily align to what Arnall envisaged. Case in point: according to his calculation, Blue Monday will fall on 23 January this year but commerce dictates it will be on 16 January. The idea behind these offers is simple: When you are feeling down, it can help to treat yourself by spending and what better way by spending than on bargain goods.

Let’s face it, after the holidays, and with the long cold January month looming, we may all feel that bit more ‘blue’! Here we give you our tips to get through this/these day(s):

1 | Go out in sturdy footwear

When you have some free time ensure you go out for a walk and fresh air. Nothing feels better than a brisk walk when you are feeling blue. But also ensure that you have a pair of sturdy shoes in which you are comfortable for those walks. And to ensure you can brave all weathers: don’t forget a thick coat, hat and gloves. Afterwards, reward yourself with a hot chocolate, the wood burner on, lovely!

2 | Have a weeting in walking shoes

Do you have a meeting scheduled this Monday? Nothing as boring, tiring and uninspiring as that. Why not get your colleagues over for a ‘weeting’ – that’s walking and deliberating (meeting) all in one. You will see; you’ll be more creative and resourceful than if you stayed in the office!

One of our personal favourites to go for a walk in is the Traction.

3 | Wear colourful clothes and shoes 

It has been scientifically proven; colour can hugely affect your mood. So wear bright colours from head to toe. Tonal colours (one colour or minimal colour) or colour blocking (as bright as possible; even clashing) – it really doesn’t matter, as long as it makes you smile.

Finish it off with a brightly coloured pair of shoes.

4 | Wallow even deeper in the blues

You see, you can do this too. Sometimes it feels good to wallow in self-pity. To get into the blues and really show it, why not dress yourself in blue. Others will then see that you are feeling the blues and may start paying you lots of attention and even pamper you. You may recognise others who are feeling blue and together you can support each other through the day. Perhaps your work is making you depressed, or you can easily reinforce your ‘down-ness’ by listening to the news and putting on a sad movie in the evening.

We wish you a special Blue Monday! Let us know how you got through the day in the comments below.

Blue monday = blue shoes

Dress up for the occasion and wear comfortable blue Wolky shoes!


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