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The festive season is upon us again and we are still sometimes questioned ‘Which Wolky’s complement my festive outfit best?’ This can totally depend on the type of party and the company. Indeed, the days of appearing all dolled up at the Christmas table seem to be over. Our colleague Magda, art director (50), gives her take on this matter and shares Christmas trends when it comes to our shoes.


Back in my younger days, Christmas and New Year’s Eve used to be a ‘thing’. Even if just celebrated at home with family, we were expected to dress up for the festive dinner looking our Christmas best. My father and grandfather would be in suits, my mother and grandmother would wear a new dress and high pumps as standard. Jeans for the children were out of the question. Clothes had to be neat, chic and festive. So, at 18, I bought my first LBD (little black dress) with heels and a chic pair of tights, because that was how it should be!


A lot has changed since then, including within our family. And, if I look around me, our generation thinks a bit differently from the baby boomers. I believe Danish Hygge has contributed quite a bit to this. For those who don’t know what Hygge means: Hygge stands for cosy, comfortable, togetherness with friends and family in warm, atmospheric surroundings. Not in any way overdressed but comfortable and cosy, with the family on the sofa by the wood burner, playing games, drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine… Anyway, I think you have an idea now. No glittery dresses, delicate tights and tight suits. For that true Hygge feeling, we dress in comfortable knitted jumpers, woollen dresses and thick socks. Ideal during our current energy crisis! This of course now makes choosing a good pair of ‘party shoes’ a lot easier. The obligatory pumps can stay in the cupboard; comfort is now key. Not that we look like ‘slobs’ in the Hygge trend – not at all; everyone just wears what they feel comfortable in and what looks cosy and comfortable. The cosiness does not come from glitter and sequins, it comes from feeling happy in what you are wearing and being together with the people you love. 

Comfortable shoes

Deze Wolky schoenen hebben een extra stevig voetbed.


This makes it a lot easier and more affordable for all you ladies who still wish to treat yourselves to a nice pair of shoes for the holidays, because if you want to buy new shoes for Christmas, you will also have the benefit of plenty of wear after the festive season.

For inspiration, I have added two fun videos here. In both videos, you see how you can go from ‘home look’ to ‘Christmas look’ with the same shoe in no time.

Want to see more of our beautiful Wolky shoes that will fit perfectly under your outfit for a cosy Christmas with family and friends? Then take a look at our current winter collection. PS: some items are even now on sale! Bonus.


What shoes should you wear when you have a Christmas gala, for example? I hear you ask. Well, then you can’t get away with my Hygge Christmas story, I’m afraid. I myself will be going to a gala event soon and I’ll be wearing pumps under a long dress (it is a black tie dinner). If you are in the same boat and struggle to walk in pumps for long, I have two tips for you:

Tip 1: Get your old pumps out of the cupboard and polish them until they shine. If necessary, put a new footbed in the shoes. At the party, find a strategic table where you can have a good view of everything and, above all, stay seated! Under the table, you can discreetly take off your shoes. Have a pair of ‘easy’ shoes in the car so you can kick off the pumps immediately after the party.

Tip 2: (I did this last year): Buy a pair of Fit2Feet pumps from Wolky@Work. These pumps stretch around your feet, at least mine, where you most need it, namely at the base of the big toe. Wolky@Work have several heel heights to choose from. I have the Berra and it fits surprisingly well for a high pump.

Check out the Fit2Feet collection at and to read more about this patented Wolky design.

Wishing you all a cosy, warm and comfortable festive holiday!


comfortable pumps

Pumps you won’t have to remove from your feet under the Christmas table. 


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