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featured: moccasin shoes

Many of our shoes have a moccasin design. Certain shoes are made entirely of moccasin, and others have a moccasin toecap. But, what does this actually mean? And what’s the difference? Dr. Shoe tells you all about: moccasin shoes. 

Mocassin shoes

What is a mocassin?

Footwear with a moccasin method is made entirely of soft leather. With a moccasin, the leather continues all around the shoe, of which the bottom is attached to each other with a flat stitched seam. As a result, you won’t feel any annoying edges or seams on the side of your foot. These types of shoes are extra flexible and therefore feel like a slipper. One of the many reasons for Wolky to truly love this traditional way of making shoes. You’re guaranteed to walk with the very best comfort.

not waterproof

Moccasin shoes are not waterproof, they are ideal for walking, but not suitable for walking through wet grass fields or forests. This is because the shoes have very small holes due to the special upright stitching, through which droplets can seep. 

Moccasin noses

Shoes with a moccasin toe are just as comfortable! 

Shoes with a moccasin nose

Shoes with a moccasin toe are just as comfortable! However, there is one big difference. The seam on top of the shoe is double stitched by hand. Please note: because of this there are tiny holes in the leather which doesn’t make the shoes completely waterproof. It’s possible that during heavy rain, moisture can enter through the stitching holes.

apply a shoe protector regularly

You should always spray your new shoes with an impregnation spray before you wear them. By doing so, you’ll protect them against moisture and dirt. After cleaning and taking caring of your shoes, you close your routine again with impregnation, do this at least every 2 weeks.

more moccasin noses

Footwear with a moccasin method is made entirely of soft leather.

Dr. Shoe

Dr. Shoe – Wolky’s shoe expert – explains everything about mocassins and the moccasin shoes from the Wolky collection. Watch the video below. 


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