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Dr. Shoe:

Dr. Shoe will tell you all about: Wolky's Next

Today Wolky's one and only Dr. Shoe will tell you more about the Next. These shoes are a valuable addition to our collection. Wolky's Next are comfortable high lace-up shoes with moccasin construction. You can easily put this model on and off thanks to the zipper and the laces. The Next has a nice soft inside without hard edges or seams, making them perfect for a long walk!

Transcript of the Next video

Hi! It’s me again. Today we’re shining the spotlight on Wolky’s Next. First, let me tell you about the sole. It consists of two parts. This gives the shoe a sporty look, but it’s also functional. The outsole is wear-resistant and has a cushioning effect. The upper part of the sole is made of PU, which keeps the shoe nice and light. As you can see, the upper sole is cup-shaped at the back. This stabilises your heel and gives you the feeling that you have both feet firmly on the ground. The shoe is made in the moccasin style, so it feels as comfy as a slipper. I’ll tell you more about this in another video. The Next has both laces and a zip. That’s handy, because once you have adjusted the laces to fit your foot, you only have to use the zip to slip in and out of the shoe. And the footbed? It’s removable, of course, so it’s handy for women who have their own soles. I think it’s a great addition to our collection. What do you think?


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