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Dr. Shoe:

Dr. Shoe will tell you all about: Wolky's Vegan shoes

Dr. Shoe - Wolky's shoe expert - gives you tips and tricks in all its videos about everything concerning shoes. Dr. Shoe even tells you everything there is to know about the Wolky collection. The Vegan collection is discussed below. The Vegan shoe still has all the good qualities we have come to expect from Wolky shoes. Only now they're made using (non-animal) materials!

Transcript of the vegan shoes video

Hi! Dr. Shoe here! Did you know that Wolky also has a vegan line these days? And I’m so happy about that! Here they are! At first glance, these models may not look any different. They look like normal leather and there’s even a texture to the material, but no animal materials are used in these shoes. What you often find with shoes made of synthetic materials is that they make your feet hot and sweaty, resulting in unpleasant odours. You don’t get that in our vegan line, because the material we use is high quality and has a breathable lining. Great, isn’t it? The breathable quality of real leather and yet completely vegan! Simply make sure you clean the footbed once in a while. That’s easy to do with soap and water.

vegan shoes from wolky


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