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Dr. Shoe:

Dr. Shoe will tell you all about: Wolky's Silio

Dr. Shoe - Wolky's shoe expert - tells you everything you need to know about Wolky shoes and she'll give you some interesting tips and tricks! In this video, she'll tell you all about the Silio. These cool, trendy western ankle boots are perfect for the season. They have a removable footbed and they're suitable for your own arch supports! Want to know why? Dr. Shoe will explain it to you!

Transcript of the Silio video

The Silio is the ankle boot from our Wild West line. This line chimes perfectly with the current Western trend. The beauty of this shoe lies in its flexible sole. The Silio has a removable footbed. Ideal! Then you can slip your own soles in. The elongated design gives you plenty of room at the toe while keeping the boot looking slim and elegant. The studs and the finish of the leather add an extra touch of cool.


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