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Wolky footbeds

The most important focal point of Wolky shoes is without a doubt the comfortable footbed. The inside makes the difference and that certainly applies to the Wolky footbeds.

Comfortable footbeds

Footbeds have a huge influence on the comfort of a shoe. Even if a shoe is perfectly made; if the footbed is not good, the shoe will not be comfortable. It is not for nothing that Wolky pays great attention to this.

Removable footbeds

Wolky footbeds conform to the foot due to the extra layer of memory foam, are anatomically shaped, and designed for a balanced distribution.

Our footbeds are also shock-absorbing, made of high-quality materials, covered with leather, and – last but not least – almost all of them are removable. The big advantage of this is that the footbed can easily be replaced by a new footbed or, for example, custom-made arch support.

Buying loose footbeds

Did you know that you can also order our footbeds separately? An extra pair of footbeds ensure that you can change and this, in turn, ensures a longer lifespan for your shoes. It also offers a solution if your Wolky shoes are still in good condition, but your footbeds need to be replaced.

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