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Wolky Lookbook Summer 2023

Celebrating 40 years of Wolky

As it’s Wolky’s 40th birthday, we have used our first lace-up shoe, the Nature, as inspiration for this our new style, the Celebration. Wolky has combined the casual look of the 1980s with the materials and techniques of today.


Anniversary lace-up shoe

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Original price was: £169.99.Current price is: £135.99.

Three shoes in the spotlight

These three shoes are central to our fortieth anniversary. From left to right:

Wolky’s Celebration >

Wolky’s Bounce >

Wolky’s Cirro >

A Favourite: Wolky Fly

Leave your home in style with Wolky's Fly! This cool low lace-up shoe has a nice color combination with an extra playful effect, which makes it look like the leather has turned over the ankle. The Fly is extra comfortable due to the two-component sole. The midsole is made of PU, which makes the shoe lightweight, and the lower part of the sole is made of TR. This ensures cushioning capacity and flexibility. In addition, Wolky's Fly has a moccasin seam, which provides extra flexibility.

All Wolky Fly >

3 x Rolling Sun

Is it a shoe? Is it a sandal? It's something in between! At Wolky we call this an inbetweener. The Rolling Sun combines the advantages of a shoe (dressier and supportive) with the airiness of a sandal. This way you get the best of both worlds. The sole is very light. The moccasin nose makes the shoe extra flexible and you don't feel any hard edges or seams on the inside. What more could you ask for!

Check out Rolling Sun >

Ultra comfortable: Wolky’s Roll Slipper

This topper from the Roll Moc range will be your 'must have'. These are easily worn in and around the house as well as on those longer walks. Due to the raised nose that is iconic in all Roll Moc styles, the foot rolls off by itself. The Velcro closure makes it easy to adjust around the foot.

The moccasin style ensures that the shoe feels lovely and soft on the inside. Because of this manufacturing method, the seams are on the outside, so you don't have annoying edges and stitching on the inside. Please note: because the seams are visible on top of the front cover, it is recommended to spray the shoes well with a water-repellent spray. 

Have a look at Wolky’s Roll Slipper >


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