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How to take care of your leather footbeds?

Wolky is well-known for its leather footbeds. Most of our shoes come with footbeds that can be removed. This has several advantages: you can exchange the footbeds for your own insoles, or you can treat your feet to a new pair of footbeds if your shoes are otherwise in good condition. Another plus: you can care for the footbeds separately. With the right care, you can significantly extend their life span!

let it air out

The first step in prolonging the life of your leather footbeds is to remove them from the shoes every now and then and air them. This also gives your footbeds a chance to revert to their original shape. We recommend doing this when you have been on a long walk, for example, or when your feet get hot inside your shoes.


After airing your footbeds, you can treat them with Colonill’s Carbon Gold tube. This cream contains nurturing oils and nourishing ingredients and cleans the leather. It also makes the leather water repellent - a true multi-tasker!


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