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Dr. Shoe:

Dr. Shoe will tell you all about: Wolky's Jewel

Dr. Shoe - Wolky's shoe expert - tells you everything you need to know about Wolky shoes and she'll even give you some interesting tips and tricks! In this video, she'll tell you all about the Jewel. One of our favourite sandals, thanks to the excellent fit and stiff sole. Want to know why they're so comfortable to wear? Dr. Shoe will tell you all about it!

Transcript of Wolky's Jewel video

Hi! Dr. Shoe here. Today I’m going to tell you all about the Jewel. One of Wolky’s favourite sandals. That’s because it has an excellent fit. You see, it can be adjusted with three Velcro straps, so it fits securely around your foot. And it has a sturdy, stiff sole. Thie keeps the foot nice and stable in the sandal. The footbed is also worth mentioning, as it consists of three parts: cork, memory foam and leather. A golden combination. As you can see, it can be removed. So it’s perfect for women who have their own soles.

Wolky's jewel


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