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Help! I have a blister

Blisters are very common. Everyone has had to deal with them at one point or another; they are painful and annoying. But what is a blister actually? And how do they occur? 


What are blisters?

Blisters are small pockets of fluid (such as plasma, pus, or even blood) that usually form in the upper layers of your skin. They are often caused by friction or pressure and are most common on the hands and feet. Of course, some people are more sensitive to blisters than others, depending on the thickness and strength of their skin. But did you know that heat and moisture increase the risk of blisters? A sweltering environment actually makes the skin softer, and as a result, the skin becomes sensitive. Your feet can even expand a bit in a warm environment! This could mean that your comfortable shoes suddenly feel as if they are a size too small. 

To help prevent blisters, we would advise you to say clear of abrasive seams in socks or shoes, grains of sand and stones, improperly fitting shoes, or footwear made entirely or partly of plastic, in which the foot moisture cannot escape. Toes rubbing against one another can also cause blisters.

What can you do?

To minimise the risk of blisters, we recommend you wear well-ventilated leather shoes that have no irritating seams. Check out our leather shoes here. Buy shoes that fit well on all sides and are comfortable. And keep in mind that you need at least one centimeter of extra space for your toes! You might not have known, but once you sit down, you’re toes stretch out and this makes your feet slightly longer. If the shoes do pinch somewhere – for example, because your feet have a slightly different size – then it could be helpful to let a shoemaker stretch the shoes out.

comfort shoes

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information for hikers

Despite wearing good shoes and taking into account the tips above, it is still possible to get blisters on long walks. If that’s the case for you, try the following tips:

  • Blisters at the heel can be prevented by covering the heel beforehand with special blister plasters. In any case, it’s wise to bring these with you during the walk. If it’s still irritating, then we would advise you to pierce the blister and stick a plaster on it.
  • To prevent blisters under your toes (or on the side of the outer toes) try putting some special blister wool between them before you go for a hike. Because of the lanolin oil from the wool, and because the toes spread a bit, you prevent friction and therefore blisters.
  • If you suffer from blisters under your toes, you can also buy special toe socks. These socks are made especially for hikers and can be a good solution.
  • Another tip: in this blog you’ll find the best walking shoes for women. Check it out and find your favourite new pair! 

Walking shoes

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