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Maintenance and cleaning tips for winter

Maintenance and cleaning tips for winter

Your shoes have to endure a lot, especially in the winter. The cold weather isn’t the only thing that affects your shoes! Rain, snow, hail, and brine can also leave nasty stains. It is therefore very important to maintain your shoes well. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about maintaining your Wolky’s in the winter.

Maintenance vs. Protection

It is often (mistakenly) believed that the terms maintenance and protection serve the same purpose. But this isn’t true! Maintenance means that the material is coated with, for example, a cream as opposed to protection because you do that with a special spray (depending on the material). At Wolkyshop you can find all types of maintenance creams that help you take proper care of your Wolky’s.

Maintenance of suede and nubuck shoes 

Suede is made from the flesh side of the skin, nubuck is smooth leather of which the grain is sanded, to make sure it still gets a suede look. Suede and nubuck are generally quite fragile and therefore very susceptible to dirt. Regular maintenance of suede or nubuck shoes ensures the lifespan of your shoes! It is important to spray the shoes before you start wearing them with a spray that protects the shoes well against water and dirt, for example, the Carbon wax spray. This spray doesn’t just protect your shoes, it also nourishes them so that the leather is well cared for! Repeat this process after 8 to 10 times, to ensure that the protective layer works well. Did your shoes get dirty? Then use the suede and nubuck box in combination with the shampoo to brush out the spots.

Maintenance of greased and waxed leather

Greased and waxed leather is a normal type of leather that gets a greasy character through oil or grease/wax. This type of leather often looks a bit tougher and rougher, which is why it is often used in winter collections. To protect shoes made of greased and waxed leather, it is best to use a protection spray before putting on the shoes. For example, the Wolky All Protect Spray can be used. Repeat this step after wearing the shoes 8 to 10 times, so that the protective layer remains fresh. The rustical spray or the rustical tube can be used for the maintenance of greased and waxed leather. These products ensure that the leather is protected and retains its original look. Did your shoes get dirty? Then you can use a shampoo to remove the spots.

Smooth leather maintenance

Smooth leather is made from the outside of the hide. The various additives of, for example, a coating or grease ensure that different maintenance products have to be used. The Wolky All Protect Spray can be used again to protect the shoes. These shoes also need to be ‘resprayed’ after wearing them 8 to 10 times to keep the protective layer intact. For the maintenance of the shoes, use the Carbon Wax Spray or the Wax leather tube, which takes care of the leather and prevents it from drying out. The leather-covered heel can also be treated with a gel. Did your shoes become dirty? Then use the shampoo and take care of them with the waterstop tube to maintain the color of the shoes. Make sure you bought the right colour tube!

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