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Greased and oiled leather

The Wolky collection features many shoes made of greased or oiled leather. Greased leather needs a completely different treatment from smooth leather. We explain how to care for these shoes below.

Taking care of greased and oiled leather

The Wolky collection features many shoes made of greased or oiled leather. Greased leather is similar to smooth leather but feels slightly oily to the touch. Greased leather needs completely different treatment from smooth leather. If you neglect greased leather, your shoes may soon turn lighter in colour and look faded. And we don’t want that!

So check out our three-step plan for the best way to protect your greased leather shoes here.


To protect greased leather against moisture and dirt, we recommend the Carbon Wax spray. The big advantage of this spray is that it provides maximum protection with additional nourishment for the greased leather. Simply spray it on, let it soak in and your shoes are once more protected.


The name ‘greased leather’ says it all: this material contains a lot of grease. So it is important to nourish your shoes regularly to prevent them from drying out. To care for greased leather, we recommend the Rustical Tube. The tube comes with a handy applicator sponge for easy application. Choose black or brown or opt for colourless, then you can’t go wrong


Besides protecting and caring for your greased leather shoes, it is important to clean them from time to time. Cleaning removes dirt from the pores of the leather, making it easier for the material to absorb nutrients. The first step is to clean your shoes ‘dry’. Using a soft brush, gently brush over the shoes until the dirt is gone. After the dry stage, you can ‘damp’ clean them. Clean greased leather with Carbon Complete, applying with the sponge provided. Your shoes will look as good as new in no time! Clean the soles with a damp cloth.

Shop maintenance products for greased leather and oiled leather shoes

Extend the life of your shoes with good maintenance products. We recommend these products.

Sneaker White
Rustical Tube
Rustical Tube
Rustical Tube
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