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Do pregnancy shoes exist?

Maternity clothes exist... How about maternity shoes?

Walk into any store and you will most likely see maternity clothes. Larger stores even devote an entire department to it. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that people wonder if there is such a thing as maternity shoes.

We can be direct about that: no, there are no special maternity shoes. Yet it is important to pay extra care and attention to your feet during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a lot happens to your body, which puts more strain on your feet.

Your weight increases; the center of gravity of the body shifts, so that your posture changes. Under the influence of hormones, the ligaments and muscles around the joints - including those of the ankles - become weaker, increasing the risk of spraining and falling. Also, most pregnant women suffer from swollen feet and ankles, because the moisture is more difficult to get rid of. Furthermore, the altered hormone balance can make the vessel walls relax, which increases the risk of varicose veins. Even though these things don’t sound too great, there’s still a lot to get through to make these nine months as comfortable as possible.

Shoe advice for pregnant woman

The shoes you wear have a lot of influence on how you get through the day. That is why we recommend all ‘expecting mothers’ to wear well-fitting leather shoes with a pleasantly supportive footbed and a flexible sole. The shoes shouldn’t pinch anywhere, of course, that’s something you would never want, but especially during pregnancy. A shoe with a wide tread offers more stability and adjustable shoes will last longer if your feet swell up a bit. Keep in mind that you might need a (half) size larger because the feet sag slightly; that can even be permanent. Lastly, it’s better to leave high heels in the closet, especially during the last months of your pregnancy. You can find more about this here.

Of course, we’re happy to advise you in one of our stores! To make sure you have the nicest and most comfortable shoes! 

Extra tips for mama’s to be

  • Leather insoles can provide extra support, but there must be room for that in the shoes.
  • Do you like to wear boots? Make sure that they are not tight anywhere, not even at the calves.
  • As the pregnancy progresses, bending and tying shoelaces becomes more difficult. Shoes that you can easily put on and take off are highly recommended.
  • A predisposition for varicose veins? Elastic stockings have a preventive effect.
  • In the case of swollen feet and ankles, raise your legs at a quiet moment, so that the moisture can escape more easily.

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