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Pregnancy and high heels

Pregnancy and high heels, is that a good combination?

When Meghan Markle showed her son to the 'general public' two days after giving birth, she wore towering stiletto heels. That led to a discussion: "Is it okay to wear heels after giving birth?" And soon after came: "What about wearing heels during your pregnancy?"

There is of course no law that tells you not to walk in heels during your pregnancy. That would be illogical. But then why is it such an issue? We’ll tell you all about it.


When you’re pregnant, various hormones are released into your body. One of those hormones is called Relaxin. We don't know exactly what this hormone does to the body, but it’s clear that it relaxes the ligaments and muscles in your body. This is necessary to make room in your pelvis for the delivery of your baby, but it also causes other muscles to weaken. As a result, it’s much easier to sprain your ankle or get back problems. Because of this, it can be recommended not to wear heels during your pregnancy. Walking in high heels increases the risk of these complaints in comparison to wearing flat shoes.

Center of gravity

Another argument against wearing high heels during pregnancy is that pregnancy changes the center of gravity of your body. The consequences? You could fall sooner.

Is it possible to walk on heels during your pregnancy?

Our advice: be aware of the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and how this can affect your stability. Of course, this differs per woman. If you’re not Meghan Markle and if you aren’t always in the spotlight during your pregnancy, then we advise you to wear normal shoes. Let's not overcomplicate ourselves, let’s spend the pregnancy in comfortable shoes that offer a lot of stability.

Going for heels?

Keep in mind what type of heel you’re wearing. Choose a stable and wider heel and preferably no higher than 5.5 centimeters. This advice does not only apply to pregnant women, we say this to everyone, pregnant or not.

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