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Help! I have heel spurs

Help! I have heel spurs. Which shoes do I wear?

The cause of heel spurs

People with heel spurs have pain at the bottom of their heel. They can often pinpoint exactly where it hurts. Many people describe the pain of heel spurs as a knife or pin sticking into the soles of the feet, which feels sore later on. The most common cause is feeling overloaded and exhausted due to standing too much, walking for too long, or exercising intensively; many runners know this complaint. Obesity, incorrect posture, or bad shoes can also play a role.

the result

The result is that the tension of the tendon, which runs from the toes to the heel, becomes too big. Calcium deposits then occur when the tendon attaches to the heel bone, causing a thorny projection to grow. Many people have visible heel spurs on X-rays, but no complaints. Usually, the pain only develops when the surrounding tissue becomes irritated or inflamed. This can be very painful, for example in the morning when you get up, after sitting for a while, when walking and while driving.


The best remedy is to avoid overload and to wear good shoes with preferably cushioning at the heel. This reduces the pain and at the same time, the tension on the tendon in question decreases. We would highly recommend the comfortable Wolky shoes from the Roll, UP2 or W-Next series. These shoes have a springy outsole and a strongly shock-absorbing footbed, which ensures an optimal distribution of the body weight. The leather-covered footbed is even removable! This means that you can easily exchange it for a special loose insole in case of serious complaints. An insole that is not only shock-absorbing at the heel, but also has an insert of a super soft high-tech material at the place of the pain. If you need any more advice then we are happy to help you further in the store.


  • Avoid stiff shoes with a hard outsole.
  • In case of persistent complaints, go to a doctor, or to a registered podiatrist. 
  • Pain while driving? If you have cruise control, turn it on as much as possible.
  • You can temporarily relieve the pain by cooling your heel with ice cubes.


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