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Wolky’s e-walk is the e-bike of comfortable walking shoes. The Roll-a-Way system in the lightweight sole gets your foot rolling off almost automatically. So you can cover longer distances with less effort. What’s more, the e-walk has an upper made of ultra-soft stretch leather, so this trendy sneaker fits like a glove. Former racing cyclist Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel is our

ambassador for the e-walk. Leontien has been campaigning to get women exercising more for many years. So the e-walk by Wolky is a shoe after her own heart. No only does it get you walking – it’s stylish and trendy too!

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With thanks to Egbert Egberts (Borger, Drenthe, the Netherlands) and Stromer (Switzerland).


Falling leaves, chilly winds, swirling snowflakes. Autumn and winter are the seasons for braving the elements. Embrace what Mother Nature has to offer and get out and about in shoes from the new Wolky collection. As always, there’s a perfect model for everyone. This time we’ve come up with a number of attractive new ranges, like the no-nonsense Goya, the comfy e-walk, the very cool Raw, the back-to-basics Nature 2.0, the feminine Flavour and the ultra-supple California. Some of our classic ranges also feature new models, like Blazer and Dreamline,

which are available in winter versions and colours this season. We’re also featuring another Wolky by Leontien. This time, former world champion racing cyclist Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel has designed a sassy calf boot, the 3676 Colville by Leontien. And last but not least we present new ranges in Wolky’s Cloud 9 men’s label. Want to keep up to date with the very latest Wolky news and explore our entire collection? Download the Wolky app free from the App Store or from
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Summer is on its way, and we’re going all out to celebrate it. Lounging outdoors, going for long walks, a city break, camping for a week or letting your hair down at a festival… Whatever takes your fancy, there’s a model that’s perfect for you in the attractive, new Wolky collection. This time we’re featuring some exciting new ranges, like the streamlined Dreamliner, the comfy Simplicity, the eye-catching Blazer, the airy Supreme and

the laid-back Wave. But you’ll also find updates to popular ranges like Target, Swing, Element, UP2, Trial, Couture, Kicks and Biker, which is available in new summery colours this season. Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel is back again this summer: she and Wolky have got together to design a Kicks sneaker for the upcoming season that’s both sporty, summery and stylish.


From sporty sneakers à la Gear, Kicks and Trial to high heels like the Upstage – the new Wolky collection is as varied as ever and has something for everyone. Fans of heels are catered for with our feisty yet feminine Rock and Gaucho boots. But there are plenty of flatter models to choose from too. Take the Revolution, River, Striver – or how about the Stream? All Wolky models are comfortable, but the Journey, UP2 and Torque are our star performers. 

To add a touch of sparkle, some of this season’s models feature a metallic sheen and shiny crush leather. And naturally Wolky doesn’t do cold feet: our waterproof or warm lined models will keep you snug and warm through the chilliest weather. This season we’ve also teamed up with Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel again to produce the Gear 1250 Fast by Leontien, a sporty winter sneaker in black crush leather.


(SPRING 2015)

She’s a former racing cyclist, multiple Olympic medal winner and world champion, and now she’s a shoe designer. Because last season Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel got together with Wolky to design the limited edition Flow 4351 Zela by Leontien, last spring she has come up with a truly sporty sneaker, Biker 1225 Biker by Leontien. Like Leontien, these sneakers are sporty, feminine and shiny. And incredibly comfortable too.

And as if that wasn’t enough, just like the Flow designed by Leontien, a percentage of the purchase price of the Biker goes to the Leontien Foundation as well. This foundation helps young people with eating disorders. This autumn, the collaboration resulted in the Gear 1250 Fast by Leontien, a very comfortable, wintry and shiny black sneaker. You can see the video that we have produced for the bikers of Leontien.


Driving approximately 7.000 kilometres through Scandinavia in the toughest conditions: snow, ice with temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius. In short, this is the ScanCoveryTrial: a challenging rally, where approximately 70 teams will try to raise as much money as possible for different charities. Wolky and its Men’s range Cloud 9 sponsor and participate in the 5th edition of the ScanCoveryTrial that takes place from Saturday, January 3nd to Sunday January 11th 2015. The 2015 Scancoverytrail will go to Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and all participants will wear a pair of Wolky and Cloud 9 shoes, specially designed for this event.

This video shows the ScanCoveryTrial 2014, to which Wolky and Cloud 9 also participated. Wolky has already been sponsoring the rally with the men's line 'Cloud 9' for three years. In January 2016, the 'Wolky-Cloud 9 team' will be taking part for the third time. Just like last year they are driving for the Spibi Foundation ( This foundation offers practical assistance for children with spina bifida. All participants will receive a pair of shoes at the beginning of the ScanCoveryTrial, which Wolky and Cloud 9 have developed specifically for this rally. This video shows images of the ScanCoveryTrial from 2014.



In the summer you want your footwear to be light and airy. No heavy clodhoppers – but flexible, easy-towear sandals that you barely notice you’ve got on. And that still give you the support you need, of course. Sounds impossible? Not at all – the Sparkle

does just that. An ultra-light outsole made of the innovative material XL Light, incorporating a flowing wave pattern for an extra firm grip, and a footbed made of airy cork.


UP2 4700 JUMP / 4701 FLY
If we had to choose one word to describe this popular Wolky line, it would be “ultra”. Because the UP2 is ultra-light, ultra-airy and ultra-springy. The secret’s in the sole, which is made up of two layers: a flexible rubber outsole that gives you a perfect grip, a

light PU midsole for extra shock absorption. The footbed is wonderfully lightweight – and naturally it’s removable. And as if that weren’t enough, with its fashionable upturned toe the UP2 looks sassy and young.