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The Wolky e-Walk® combines the fashionable looks of a sneaker with unparalleled walking comfort. The name of the shoe says it all – it makes walking effortless!
The e-Walk® has been designed from scratch, based on the very latest technologies – and all with the aim of making walking easier than ever before. The secret lies in the Roll-a-Way system in the shoe. We’ve incorporated a rocker bar into the lightweight EVA sole that gets your foot rolling off the ground almost automatically. The result? Walking is less effort, keeping you feeling fit and energetic for longer. It’s like riding an e-bike: the electronic assistance you get makes cycling easier and enables you to keep going for longer with much less effort. Besides being an ideal shoe for everyday use, the e-Walk® is also your perfect

companion on a strenuous walk. Walking is often as an activity
for older people, but in fact it’s the ideal way for people of all ages to keep fit: it puts less strain on the body than jogging, for example, so you’re at less risk of injury. The e-Walk® gets you walking faster and easier – so you can cover longer distances and arrive at your destination in much better shape.

Because the upper is made of special soft stretch leather, the
e-Walk® fits like a glove and is a perfect fit for almost all feet.
A real treat for your feet – whether you’re off on a long hike
or taking a short stroll. The e-Walk® is available for women
and men.

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The Roll-a-Way system (A) in the lightweight sole gets your
foot rolling off almost automatically. So you can cover longer distances with less effort. What’s more, the e-Walk® has an

upper made of ultra-soft stretch leather (B), so this
shoe fits like a glove.