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Feet support programme

Wolky footbeds are exceptionally comfortable. That’s a fact.
But our Feet Support Programme proves that comfort doesn’t stop there. Based on the concept that a perfectly fitting footbed can prevent many common walking ailments, Wolky has teamed up with foot-related solution provider LFT to produce four footbeds designed for different needs. Each of the four footbeds features different characteristics, such as thickness, material and springiness. By scanning your feet and determining your body weight, we can recommend which specific footbed is best for you. Walk on Feet Support and you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Wolkys footbeds are amazingly comfortable already. You wouldn’t think they could get any more comfortable. But they can! By fine-tuning footbeds to suit individual feet we can make them even more comfortable. We know for a fact that demand for specialist foot support is on the rise. This growth is fully in

line with today’s trend for healthy living. More and more people are getting footbeds specially made for them by foot specialists. In many cases this is unnecessary and needlessly expensive. Wolky Feet Support footbeds can put a stop to a lot of the discomfort that walking can cause.

Wolky has teamed up with foot-related solution provider LFT to produce a series of footbeds in combination with a foot scan.
The programme consists of four different footbeds designed for different anatomies and different body weights. After asking you a few short questions and taking a scan of your foot, our dealers will recommend the best footbed for you. Our footbeds are made of the very best materials and are covered with leather that meets the strictest environmental requirements and is chrome-free (a substance commonly used in the tanning process). So they are skin-friendly and can be worn by people who are allergic to chrome. A pair of Feet Support footbeds will cost you €39,95.



Feet support by Wolky


The footbeds relieve many foot-related problems, such as;

  • burning and tingling on the ball of the foot,
  • tired feet
  • sensitive heels
  • ankle instability
  • sagging arches or metatarsals
  • lower leg pain



Here you can find dealers who work with the Wolky Feet Support Program:



Van Aalst
Noordstraat 36
Tel.: 0115 564744

Brinkstraat 36-38
Tel.: 0593 525030

Van Lier Schoenen
Julianastraat 21
Tel.: 077 4751263

Schoenmode Zeilberg
Zeilbergsestraat 47
Tel.: 0493 313335

Zwart Comfort Shoes
Kleine Breedstraat 5
Tel.: 0519 292395

De Wolkyshop
Monetpassage 164
Tel.: 0591 659934

Schoenmode Jeannette
Hoofdstraat 41
Tel.: 0315 323839
Quist Schoenen
Dorpstraat 188
Tel.: 0164 686074

De Dam 29
Tel.: 0594 516584

Steenwijk Schoenen
Rijksstraatweg 134
Tel.: 0343 451434

Van Kampen
Burchtstraat 6
Tel.: 0117 452814

Roosendaal (Brabant)
Emmen Schoenen
Markt 23
Tel.: 0165 533691

De Wolkyshop
Lijnmarkt 35
Tel.: 030 2322577

Stoffel Winters Schoenen
Hoofdstraat Obergum 7        
Tel.: 0595 441877

Zeeland (Brabant)
Zonnenberg Schoenen
Kerkstraat 10
Tel.: 0486 451203

De Wolkyshop
Diezerstraat 96
Tel.: 038 4226666


Ansi Shoe
Rollegemstraat 47
Tel.: 0032 56 509453


De Wolkyshop
Am Wehrhahn 53
Tel.: 0211 69570626


Kanazawa Ishikawa
Nosaka co. ltd
4-3-1 Mitsukuchi-Shin-Machi
Tel.: 0081 762553201